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Saw Phantom, met Anthony - BUT WAIT, IT GETS BETTER!

What I said is true; I have seen Phantom of the Opera 3 times now, but sadly cannot afford to go again. First it was in November 07 with my friend from uni and her folks (Phantom: Anthony Warlow, Christine: Ana Marina), the second time was on the 8th of January 08 with my mother and sister (Phantom: Anthony Warlow, Christine: Julie Goodwin), and the third was on the 9th of January by myself (Phantom: Simon Pryce, Christine: Ana Marina).

As it is, I've taken to writing reviews / letters to Unexpected Song. And as I didn't meet Ant until January, I'm not going to link the review I wrote for my first attendance ((although I can add it if you wish me too; I just have to find it XD)). Instead, here's my review / letters of my four days in Melbourne in January:

Close Enc-Ant-ers

Yes, you will need to click the links on that page to get to the review / letters; I've actually led you to a collective post to include the path to my posts and the photos I took ((scroll down)). Dial-up users may need to wait a moment, sorry.

You may notice on that page the above link leads to that I've said I've met Anthony Warlow twice. This is true. It says there's important news in the review / letters; this is also true.

What's the important news?

Well, one part of the news is the EXACT reasons for the closure of That's all I'll give away for now; if you want to know the rest, you'll have to read it ((if I tried to explain it here I wouldn't do it as much justice as I did there, that's why)).

Happy reading! And don't forget, swing by the petition thread if you haven't already!

There's more truth to this than you may believe.
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