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I think I'm dying ...

Holy moly.

1) Mother has agreed to go to Sydney in September to see the Last Sydney Show (LSS) for Phantom. So it looks like I'm going for a fourth time - plus I'll be meeting more Unexpected Song members there.

2) The petition as 560 sigs ((just had to have an update))

3) The other day I started a brand new project, the Say G'day to Anthony Warlow! project. Now it's only a few days old so we're in the discussion stage, but the basic gist is that all members on Unexpected Song can record a video message to Anthony ((or send a photo along with what they would like to say to Warlow, for those who don't have a video camera, digital camera et cetera)), all that footage will be edited together - along with some promotional footage, such as the signature gathering we're going to do at the LSS - onto a DVD and sent to him. I'm hoping to have a preview / trailer ready by the 14th of September, even if the full project isn't complete, just so we can hand something to him while we're there. We've got 7 months, I know, but it would be good to get started on the hello messages as soon as possible.

If anyone's interested, wants in, or wants to take a look at some more information, go to the Say G'day to Anthony Warlow! thread.
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I don't know if I have the spine to do a personalised message. Think I'll stick to petition footage. But yay, LSS! I haven't had the chance to convince people face-to-face to sign so it should be a real hoot. I'll have an excuse to bring AW up in conversation without resorting to, "So... how about that girly punting?"

Pretty certain I'm more excited about this than is healthy. XD
Aw, please? PLEASE? PWEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE? I'm petrified of the thought myself but I'll do a mock one to get things started; it might end up as part of the bloopers section, but even so ...

Give it 7 months. We might have some inspiration to make messages after LSS, especially if we're lucky enough to cross his path.
Yes, I might let myself get comfortable with the idea first.

Not. Likely.

Once that camera's flicked on, I'll be too distracted by the words "porn" and "star" circling around my head. -)_-
You're no fun. *pouts*

That makes you and gizelmo who won't be doing it, and I think maybe jazz said she wouldn't, and I think Lauren, klh44 and Becs are the only ones who have said they would ...

I'm beginning to dread it's not going to happen.
Oh, well I definitely want to send him petition/LSS video -- I think he'll find that amusing, the lengths his crazy fans are going to for this recording. As for a message from me personally, I just feel a little strange about shipping him footage of me blabbing about how utterly obsessed I am with him. That would just be awkward for both of us.

No fun? I know I've got a few giggles out of you. Don't deny it.
I didn't say it had to be a video; video is just a preferred option. I did say photos and typed up messages as well. The point is for each of us to say G'day, whether in front of a camera or in writ, and that would all be compiled into one big show for him.

The "video" bit is scarring people, isn't it? Yes, of course the petition videos are going to be the best parts, but the thought of people actually exposing themselves to him for a moment ... it's putting people off, isn't it?

I can't deny it, nor would I try; it's been giggles and chokes.

And pickles.
You had to use "exposing".
I don't believe your icon.

But is that the reason people don't want to do it? Am I hoping for too much?
Well, maybe just a little.

I think that is why. Everyone feels a tad weird fangirling to their idol. That sort of conversation should be had with a fellow fan, in my opinion. I feel strange compiling a personal message for the sole purpose of gushing to AW about how much I adore him. He really doesn't need to hear that! XD

I'm not trying to shut you down; I just can't think of anything decent to say to him. If you have any good ideas...

Sadly I don't. I thought it would be a simple case of eg. "G'day, hope you're well, loved the show, can't wait to see you perform again, have fun, bye!" but it's getting more complicated. A nice thought at the beginning but now that I'm thinking about it properly it's just ...

It'd be nice to have something other than the petition footage in there, that's all. Something from all of us, just to say hello and to wish him well ((with the obvious hint that we would like to see him on the forum or at least hear back from him, even though that's highly unlikely)).

I'm in over my head.
See him on the forum?!?!


If worse comes to worse, you could whip up a large card for him and get everyone to sign it with their own written message. Those who aren't at LSS or the US convention (should it happen prior to LPS) and can't write on it themselves can email/PM you a message to write for them.
I think that'll be the better option. I guess another mass e-mail would be in order so we can run this by everyone ((it's just somewhat annoying that those that never speak also never reply to the e-mails)).

But not tonight; it's 11:39 *thud*