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I think I'm dying ...

Holy moly.

1) Mother has agreed to go to Sydney in September to see the Last Sydney Show (LSS) for Phantom. So it looks like I'm going for a fourth time - plus I'll be meeting more Unexpected Song members there.

2) The petition as 560 sigs ((just had to have an update))

3) The other day I started a brand new project, the Say G'day to Anthony Warlow! project. Now it's only a few days old so we're in the discussion stage, but the basic gist is that all members on Unexpected Song can record a video message to Anthony ((or send a photo along with what they would like to say to Warlow, for those who don't have a video camera, digital camera et cetera)), all that footage will be edited together - along with some promotional footage, such as the signature gathering we're going to do at the LSS - onto a DVD and sent to him. I'm hoping to have a preview / trailer ready by the 14th of September, even if the full project isn't complete, just so we can hand something to him while we're there. We've got 7 months, I know, but it would be good to get started on the hello messages as soon as possible.

If anyone's interested, wants in, or wants to take a look at some more information, go to the Say G'day to Anthony Warlow! thread.
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